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Durbar Square Restaurant, serves delicious Nepalese food with all his efforts, is located in the neighborhood of Portsmouth, NH. What makes Durbar Square Restaurant stand out from all other Nepalese restaurants is that our chefs are experts in their field and are serving tasty food to customers for decades and focuses on packing just the authentic flavors into every single dish, while cooking Nepalese dishes that bless our menu. Durbar Square Restaurant menu serves meaty & veg lovers and fly high when it comes to dishes like momos and tarkari curried delicacies. Vegetarians can look forward to dishes like mushroom chilli, vegeatable noodles, Plaintain tarkari which is cooked in our delicious tomato based curry sauce with fresh vegetables. Light, healthy and served with basmati rice. Nepalese food menu at Durbar Square Restaurant is rebellious, while also honoring traditional dishes by doing them better.


Our Special

Single Penne

Wild Boar Ribs

Single Fettucini

Basil shrimp

Single Spaghetti

Basil Tofu

Single Spaghetti

Salmon and Asparagus


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